Terry’s Poem

The late Terry Bennet of Trail’s End wrote a poem about what Woodlands and his home meant to him (By kind permission of Cath)

Oh, home of mine, I long to be evermore a part of thee,

Stricken heart beats in my breast for I’ll no longer be your guest.

Each wooded path or shady lane, so beautiful in sun or rain.

Each season leads a different hue,

But underneath there’s always you.

Return from travel always brings uplift under tired wings.

Back to the home we call ‘Trail’s End’,

Such a loss, my greatest friend. Oh, could it be this name was true,

From whence one bids this world adieu?

Time spent in manicuring sward,

Each moment brings its own reward;

Bird song rends the summer air,

Blossom clothes the trees once bare.

Promising the future fruit, to each and every palate suit.

Every vista, oh so vast, o’er Mendip Hills to Priddy Mast.

Sun-kissed field and country lane, my love for you will never wane.

Such are neighbours to ‘Trail’s End’.

My home and most beloved friend.

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