What’s on in Woodlands


27 Sept Harvest Supper Village Hall

8-13 Oct Woodlanders Music Hall Woodlands Hippodrome (the village hall, really!)

27 Oct Soup n Pud Village Hall

30 Nov Quiz night Village Hall


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    There are no upcoming events to display at this time.

9 Responses to What’s on in Woodlands

  1. Brian Norris says:

    We enjoyed a super evening of carol singing with your choir at the Horse and Groom last year.
    Do you have any plans for a similar evening this year ? if so please let me know by email as soon as you can and we will put it in our diary !

    Many thanks

    • glyn says:

      Hello, Brian.
      Haven’t heard of anything planned yet, but I will mention it to Kathy at the pub and the ‘usual suspects’ who organise such things. We will put it on the website as soon as we have any info.

    • Christine says:

      Carols at The Jockey are on the 17th December at 7.30

  2. Val Kimber says:

    Change of services at St Katharines for May
    Sunday May 5th Morning service at 11.00am

    Sunday May 19th Holy Communion at 11.00am .. As its pentecost there will be buns

  3. Melanie Adams says:

    I am having my children christened at st katharines church on the 5th of March and wanted to enquire if the village hall was available that day for us to hold a small gathering after?
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Mel Adams

  4. Brian Norris says:

    Once again !
    Any date (December 2017) fixed for carol singing at The Jockey ?
    Fun time last year too !

    Always a special, old style Christmas treat.

  5. Brian Norris says:

    Once again !
    Any date (December 2018) fixed for carol singing at The Jockey ?

    Always a special, old style Christmas treat !

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