We would like to use this area to capture your memories of Woodlands East and West. Photos, documents, maps and stories would all help bring the past to life for current and future generations. Contact us with your ideas.

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  1. jo welch says:

    I am trying to research my grandparents and familys My grandmother was sophia florence herring born 1890 in east/west woodlands and my grandfather Frederick Herring from the other end of woodlands. Born slightly later. Not sure which one was at which end. Maybe they were baptised in the the church,
    Hoping you can help
    Thank you
    Jo Welch Bath

    • glyn says:

      Dear Jo, apologies for the delay in picking this up. I have no direct information that would help, but you have doubtless tried the basic sources: census etc. For parish records you might try Rev Colin Alsbury who is vicar here and at St John’s Frome. Do you have your grandmother’s maiden name? and do you know if they lived here at all? They may have been married here? All of the village used to belong to Longleat so they may have tenants’ records.

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