East Woodlands Village Hall has been successful in two bids for funds to enhance its facilities.

Solafields, who are developing the solar farm in West Woodlands, have a Community Development Fund that is available to support local projects near their developments.

The Hall Committee approached Solafields with a view to improving the carpark area and the toilets. Both bids were approved: £2,000 for refurbishing the toilets in the hall, and £10,000 towards the cost of resurfacing the car park. The external lighting will also be upgraded courtesy of Yvonne Covill in memory of her husband Dave, a stalwart of the Woodlanders.

Chairman of the Village Hall Committee, Christine Carpenter, said “This a tremendous boost for the hall. We are getting tenders for the work, and may have to put additional funds in to complete the projects. But we aim to have the work finished as soon as possible so our patrons can benefit quickly from the investment. Our thanks go to Solafields for making this possible”

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